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Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc.
We specialize in .NET software development, with an emphasis on ASP.NET, SQL Server, WPF, and Windows Mobile.

Our clients are typically start-ups, mid-size businesses, or government agencies who require focused assistance with peak demand projects or new technologies. We travel to assist clients with on-site needs, and use our remote development site for focused coding projects.

Utilizing contract resources, flexible staffing policies, and web-based team collaboration tools, we are able to handle variable demand cycles with aplomb.

We are a small, nimble organization, with low overhead and high capability. We exceed industry benchmarks, deliver on time, and stay on target.

We specialize in medium and small projects, working as part of small teams. We prefer to work on limited term contracts, ranging from a few months to two years.

Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. is a Wyoming corporation.

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