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CCC at the State of Wyoming
As one of just twenty companies on the State of Wyoming Master Vendor list, CCC is invited to bid on projects requiring specific, short-term staffing expertise. In 2008, CCC staff and contractors worked with the Wyoming Department of Health evaluating the department’s SharePoint 2007 environment and infrastructure. We provided training to State employee technical staff on maintenance of the SharePoint 2007 environment and initiating the layout of the Department of Health’s Equality Care Desk Manual.
CCC staff and contractors are currently working full-time with the Wyoming State Fire Marshall’s Office developing enhancements to the FPESIS system, using WPF and SQL Server 2008.
CCC and the USDA
In 2008, CCC was awarded a Wyoming Phase 0 grant for a Phase 1 proposal submitted to the USDA Rural Development program.

In March of 2009, CCC  was informed that the company had been awarded a Phase 1 grant for “TopoPony”, a project that will simplify and quantify the location of wireless towers in rural areas. Work on the Phase 1 project began on June 1, 2009. Crile Carvey is the Principal Investigator. See the Sybille Canyon website  for the full story.
CCC and Energy Timing
In 2006 and through 2008, CCC principal Crile Carvey was under contract with Ladd Energy as Senior Software Architect/Developer developing an energy timing correlation statistical engine (VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS Excel) along with an interactive web site to demonstrate proof of concept. The project was awarded an NSF Phase One grant for 2008. Crile worked on developing an algorithm and web-based tool to quickly match the diurnal and seasonal patterns of energy production from wind sites with energy demand from electric utilities, the grant’s key deliverable.
CCC and Crystal Reports
Yes, at CCC we do Crystal Reports too! In fact, right now we’re working on a Crystal Reports contract in Bermuda as we listen to the Wyoming winds blowing around the office. A company in Mexico needs a Crystal Reports expert who’s also fluent in Spanish, and CCC is set up to help them in 2009. (Of course, CCC staff is begging to do these onsite in February but management has gently reminded them that that’s not going to happen.)
CCC and Facebook Fever
We’ve caught the Facebook bug here at CCC. The “Social Networking” train has left the station and is moving full steam ahead. We jumped on board early and we’re really enjoying the ride! We’ve chosen to go with 80 million Facebook users because of the company’s commitment to growth, stability and innovation. As 2009 begins, our website division has one Facebook application just about ready to launch and they’re hard at work on three others. After that, they’ve got a list of ideas that you wouldn’t believe. Watch for weboing’s debut at a Facebook near you. (Yes, it is all top secret until then so don’t even ask!)
CCC and DataCorp D3
CCC principal Crile Carvey completed a 2008 project with DataCorp (Providence, RI) where he was the Senior Architect/Developer on their D3 project, utilizing his Winforms, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2005 expertise to develop a database-driven system for managing statistical research. He continues on as a consultant on the project on an as-needed basis.
BarNone Companies, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. developed applications, modules and components for this Silicon Valley finance company that specializes in sub-prime auto lending and lead generation. (Yes, Crile has even met the Sock Puppet.)
Condor Systems
San Jose, CA
Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. developed a Lead Tracking GUI and a suite of reports using Crystal Reports for this San Jose defense contractor. (Condor designs and builds leading edge ESM and Sigint systems.)
The Doctors Company
Napa, CA
Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. designed and implemented VB business objects, and Oracle / ASP interfaces for this medical malpractice insurance company seving physicians nationwide.
Eagle Creek Systems
San Diego, CA
Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. provided contract services for this software development and technology-consulting firm, developing applications and system-level software for their international client base.
Household International
Salinas, CA
Crile Carvey led a team in the successful development of a number of transaction applications and in optimizing complex stored procedures for Household Credit Services.
Entersolve, Inc.
Boulder, CO
Crile Carvey Consulting, Inc. was contracted by Entersolve, Inc. to develop a .NET Content Management application, SQL Server stored procedures and User Interface for NYC-based Madison Performance Group
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